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Life force energy, also known as Reiki, is utilized to facilitate healing and to encourage you to take part in your own healing from trauma.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy from the Universe.

It is an energy force that is used as a natural and a safe way to improve your physical, spiritual, and emotional existence. First discovered in Japan in the 1920s, Reiki is considered as alternative medicine. Practitioners perform Reiki by using the palms of their hands to guide energy in the body.

Reiki can help with the flow of energy in the body to prevent stagnation.

When energy becomes stagnant, it can create blockages which in turn can develop illnesses and pain. Think of your body as an energetic dam. There has to be a natural and continuous flow of water through the dam, or it fails or burst. This similarly happens with the human body. There has to be a natural and constant flow of energy for the body to function correctly. After all, we are all energetic beings.

Who is Reiki Healing For?

Reiki is for anyone. No matter the age, orientation, religion, or political affiliation, anyone can benefit from Reiki. In the United States alone, there are more than 60 hospitals that have adopted Reiki as part of patient services. 

Reiki works best when the client takes an active part in their own healing. If you are open to this healing and not closed to its possibilities, reiki is for you.

"I began to feel lighter during and after my distance Reiki session with Pam.

I scheduled a reiki session with Pam, I could tell several chakras needed attention…especially my heart. It was my first time with remote healing and I could not find a person that agreed with me locally. Going in, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I began to feel lighter during and after the session. Also was experiencing some inflammation in my foot, that wasn’t there the next day. I am now convinced. Pam’s distance healing works for me!”

– LaQuita H.

What to Expect in Your Virtual Reiki Session with Me

Here are details on how to book your Reiki healing session with me, what to expect, and what you will receive.

Click on the day and time that fits your schedule, and provide your contact information.

Once your session is booked, I will send a Zoom link to the email you provide. If there are specific concerns you want to address, please provide those in your notes. Your privacy is important to me. Be assured that your private information and contact information will remain confidential. Your information will never go to a third party or be spammed.

Follow the prompts to submit your payment via Stripe. Then, click the “Schedule Your Event” Button.

You will be asked to get in a relaxed position of your choice in a quiet location and to have a glass of water nearby . Some feel energy moving as I perform the healing and others will not. You must be willing and open to take full responsibility for your own healing. The body will continue to process this healing energy for 2 to 3 days after the session.

IMPORTANT: This service is NOT intended as a substitute for medical, financial, legal, or business advice, and is not intended to replace the care or recommendations of physicians and psychotherapists.

Book your 60-Minute Reiki Healing session now for $247.


The techniques, processes, ideas, and suggestions that are obtained through Pamela Williams are not intended as a substitute for medical, financial, legal, or business advice, and is not intended to replace the care or recommendations of physicians and psychotherapists.

Please seek qualified medical, legal, and fiscal advice in your own community. The FDA has not evaluated these statements or procedures. Any application of the techniques, processes, ideas, and suggestions from Pamela Williams are at the reader’s sole discretion and risk and is subject to the free will of the participant.

Pamela Williams bears no responsibility for any applications or consequences of the items mentioned above. Pamela also has the right to deny any services at any time.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are not issued for this service. Please read the description of any reading or spiritual service carefully before placing payment.
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