This site and its owners are not liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using this site and its content.

Pamelawilliams.me is formed with the strategic mission to provide personal metaphysical phone and Internet readings to individuals that desire positive and helpful insight to present and future life issues.

Pamelawilliams.me promises to use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the clients to the service are given positive guidance, however if the client is requesting information relating to:

  • Legal matters: It is recommend that clients seek advice from a solicitor/ lawyer
  • Medical questions: the client must seek medical advice from a professional
  • Business questions: the client must seek further advice from a financial adviser
  • Mental disorders: the client must carify their condition by taking Professional advice from a health professional

Pamelawilliams.me shall not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or event incurred in the process of providing a service (psychic readings) to the clients.

Pamelawilliams.me will not be held responsible for any damages that are the result of using this site.

This includes the below terms that are likely to cause damage:

  • Failure of the site to conform to the manner or expectation you expected or desired
  • Linguistic or other types of error
  • Omissions
  • Interruption in the services available on the website
  • Internet, Computer, tablet, or phone delays

Pamela Williams is also not liable for any damages caused by:

  • Damages caused to compensate someone from loss or injury
  • Consequential Damages
  • Incidental Damages

Payment and Charges

You agree to pay for all Services, for all purchases of Services, you agree that you will use only credit cards, debit cards, PayPal accounts, or other payment mechanisms for which you are the card or account holder.

You agree that the fee you pay for services through the Pamelawilliams.me website is non-refundable.

All rates shown are USD $ per minute. Additional (mobile) phone fees may apply if you call from outside the US.

For Entertainment Only

This service is for entertainment purposes only. You must be eighteen years of age or older to use this service. All purchases using credit cards, debit cards, paypal account, or other payment mechanism shall only be made by the card or account holder.  Information provided during this service should not be used in place of any recommendations by medical, legal, or financial professionals or other professional counselors. It is your responsibility to evaluate any information, opinion, advice or other content available through the Pamelawilliams.me website.

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