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Get spiritual counseling, a reading, or Reiki healing today.

My mission is to help you heal spiritually and physically. I am a certified reiki practitioner, and I specialize in distance reiki as well as energy cleansing, healing, repairing, and balancing the seven major and minor chakras.

With many ways of discerning and divining, I will direct you to the answers you seek by tapping into Spirit and helping you go within, discover the real you, and clarify your life path.

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

This session is designed to help you decide on your next steps, define goals, answer questions about your spiritual and earthbound life.

Oracle Readings

Get intuitive insight into a specific situation or find an in-depth answer and understanding of a challenging question with a 5 card draw from an oracle deck of your choice.

Pendulum Readings

The pendulum, under energetic guidance from your higher self, will give “yes” and “no” answers to your most burning questions.

Reiki Healing Sessions

I use the technique of Reiki to encourage healing of physical and emotional issues. Chakras are also cleansed, repaired, opened, and balanced to provide optimum healing.

"Pam's reading was so accurate and in depth. Let's just say that she knocked my socks off!

I was referred to Pamela as a reader. Her reading was so accurate and in depth. She gave me so much information in regards to relationships and the changes that I’m making in my life. I was floored and told her as much. She is amazing and I can’t wait to work with her again!”

– Leslie R.

"Pam is a vital part of my healing and metaphysical needs.

I recently scheduled a session with Pam because I was feeling off energetically. During my session with her, Spirit revealed that my chakras needed to be balanced. Pam was thorough and explained each step, as energetic presences were revealed and cleared. At the end I was refreshed and slept like I was at the beach! Also, I had some inflammation that disappeared the next day.
– LaQuita H.

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